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[ches-ter] /ˈtʃɛs tər/

a city in , in NW England: only English city with the Roman walls still intact.
a city in SE Pennsylvania.
(def 3).
former name of (def 1).
a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “camp.”.
a city in NW England, administrative centre of the unitary authority of Cheshire West and Chester, on the River Dee: intact surrounding walls; 16th- and 17th-century double-tier shops. Pop: 80 121 (2001) Latin name Deva

Cestre (1086), from Old English Legacæstir (735) “City of the Legions,” from Old English ceaster “Roman town or city,” from Latin castrum “fortified place” (see castle (n.)). It was the base of the Second Legion Adiutrix in the 70s C.E. and later the 20th Legion Valeria Victrix. But the town’s name in Roman times was Deoua (c.150 C.E.), from its situation on the River Dee, a Celtic river name meaning “the goddess, the holy one.”


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