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[shev-ruh n] /ˈʃɛv rən/

a badge consisting of stripes meeting at an angle, worn on the sleeve by noncommissioned officers, police officers, etc., as an indication of rank, service, or the like.
an ornament in this form, as on a molding.
Also called chevron weave. (def 2a).
Heraldry. an ordinary in the form of an inverted V .
(military) a badge or insignia consisting of one or more V-shaped stripes to indicate a noncommissioned rank or length of service
(heraldry) an inverted V-shaped charge on a shield, one of the earliest ordinaries found in English arms
(usually pl) a pattern of horizontal black and white V-shapes on a road sign indicating a sharp bend
any V-shaped pattern or device
Also called dancette. an ornamental moulding having a zigzag pattern

late 14c., from Old French chevron “rafter; chevron” (13c.), the accent mark so called because it looks like rafters of a shallow roof, from Vulgar Latin *caprione, from Latin caper “goat” (see cab); the hypothetical connection between goats and rafters being the animal’s angular hind legs. Cf. Latin capreolus “props, stays, short pieces of timber for support,” lit. “wild goat, chamoix.”


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