Chew light bulbs

verb phrase

To do something extremely painful and nasty: Would you rather chew light bulbs than go shopping for jeans? (1990s+)

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  • Chew nails

    verb phrase To be very angry; be livid: We’d better get out before he starts chewing nails (1970s+)

  • Chew someone out

    verb phrase To reprimand severely; rebuke harshly; EAT someone OUT, ream: He got chewed out for it more than once by the platoon sergeant (WWII armed forces)

  • Chew someone up and spit them out

    verb phrase To demolish someone; treat someone very harshly (1920+)

  • Chew up scenery

    verb phrase See chew up the scenery

  • Chew up the scenery

    verb phrase to overact, act melodramatically; also written [chew up scenery] Word Origin refers to actor’s enthusiasm causing him or her to chew on the scenery Usage Note slang verb phrase To overact; ham: Beery and Lionel Barrymore chew up all the scenery that isn’t nailed down/ Neeson doesn’t chew up the scenery when he […]

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