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[kahy-az-muh-tahy-pee] /kaɪˈæz məˌtaɪ pi/

noun, Genetics.
the process of formation, which is the basis for crossing over.


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  • Chiasmic

    [kahy-az-muh] /kaɪˈæz mə/ noun, plural chiasmas, chiasmata [kahy-az-muh-tuh] /kaɪˈæz mə tə/ (Show IPA) 1. Anatomy. a crossing or decussation, as that of the optic nerves at the base of the brain. 2. Cell Biology. a point of overlap of paired chromatids at which fusion and exchange of genetic material take place during prophase of meiosis. […]

  • Chiasmus

    [kahy-az-muh s] /kaɪˈæz məs/ noun, plural chiasmi [kahy-az-mahy] /kaɪˈæz maɪ/ (Show IPA). Rhetoric. 1. a reversal in the order of words in two otherwise parallel phrases, as in “He went to the country, to the town went she.”. /kaɪˈæzməs/ noun (pl) -mi (-maɪ) 1. (rhetoric) reversal of the order of words in the second of […]

  • Chiastic

    [kahy-as-tik] /kaɪˈæs tɪk/ adjective, Rhetoric. 1. characterized by chiasmus. adj. 1856, from Latinized fdorm of Greek khiastos “arranged diagonally; marked with an X” (i.e., resembling the Greek letter chi) + -ic.

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    [kahy-as-tl-ahyt] /kaɪˈæs tlˌaɪt/ noun 1. a variety of the mineral andalusite having cruciform carbonaceous inclusions. /kaɪˈæstəˌlaɪt/ noun 1. a variety of andalusite containing carbon impurities Also called macle

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