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Chicago overcoat

noun phrase

A coffin: A Chicago overcoat is what blasting would get you (1920s+)


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  • Chicago-ridge

    noun 1. a town in NE Illinois.

  • Chicago-school

    noun 1. a group of Chicago architects active between c1880 and c1910 and known for major developments in skyscraper design and for experiments in a modern architectural style appropriate especially to business and industrial buildings: two of the best-known members were Louis Sullivan and John Wellborn Root.

  • Chicago-steak

    noun 1. a strip steak or, sometimes, a shell steak.

  • Chicago-style

    noun 1. a style of jazz flourishing in Chicago especially in the early 1920s, constituting a direct offshoot of New Orleans style, and differing from its predecessor chiefly in the diminished influence of native folk sources, the greater tension of its group improvisation, the increased emphasis on solos, and the regular use of the tenor […]

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