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[sheek] /ʃik/

adjective, chicer, chicest.
attractive and fashionable; stylish:
a chic hat.
style and elegance, especially in dress:
Paris clothes have such chic.
stylishness; modishness:
the chic of the firstnighters.
casual and understated style, as in dress or décor, that expresses a specified trendy lifestyle or activity:
Black-rimmed glasses bring some geek chic to your outfit.
/ʃiːk; ʃɪk/
(esp of fashionable clothes, women, etc) stylish or elegant
stylishness, esp in dress; modishness; fashionable good taste
any of various fashion movements based on a particular lifestyle: radical chic, geek chic

1856, as a noun, “style, artistic skill,” from French chic, 19c. in “stylishness” sense, originally “subtlety” (16c.), of unknown origin, perhaps [Klein] related to German Schick “tact, skill,” from Middle Low German schikken “arrange appropriately,” or Middle High German schicken “to arrange, set in order;” or from French chicane, from chicanerie (see chicanery). The adjectival meaning “stylish” is from 1879 in English, “Not so used in F[rench].” [OED].


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