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An exclamation of alarm and warning, uttered when properly constituted authorities are approaching; cheese it, jiggers (1940s+ New York City teenagers)


A young girl; chick: But I do not really envy the guys my age who are making out with the young chickies (1920+)


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  • Chicklet

    noun a young woman Examples So many chicklets at the party! Word Origin 1922 Usage Note slang noun A young girl; chick: Teenies and chicklets came into fashion [1920+; a normal diminutive form, reinforced by Chiclet, trademark of a brand of chewing gum sold as small sugared bits]

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    spelling It’s spelled “chiclet keyboard”. (1997-05-16)

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    [lit] /lɪt/ noun 1. literature that appeals especially to women, usually having a romantic or sentimental theme. noun 1. noun any literature that is intended to appeal more to women than men, with a focus on strong or quirky females

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