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[chig-oh] /ˈtʃɪg oʊ/

a flea, Tunga penetrans, of tropical America and Africa, the impregnated female of which embeds itself in the skin, especially of the feet, of humans and animals and becomes greatly distended with eggs.
Also called chigger, jigger, sand flea. a tropical flea, Tunga penetrans, the female of which lives on or burrows into the skin of its host, which includes man
another name for chigger (sense 1)

chigoe chig·oe (chĭg’ō)
A small tropical flea (Tunga penetrans) the fertilized female of which burrows under the skin, frequently under the toenails, causing intense irritation and sores that may become severely infected. Also called , jigger2, sand flea.


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