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[chahym] /tʃaɪm/

the edge or brim of a cask, barrel, or the like, formed by the ends of the staves projecting beyond the head or bottom.
a variant spelling of chime2
an individual bell or the sound it makes when struck
(often pl) the machinery employed to sound a bell in this way
Also called bell. a percussion instrument consisting of a set of vertical metal tubes of graduated length, suspended in a frame and struck with a hammer
a harmonious or ringing sound: the chimes of children’s laughter
agreement; concord

(transitive) to indicate or show (time or the hours) by chiming
(transitive) to summon, announce, or welcome by ringing bells
(intransitive) foll by with. to agree or harmonize
to speak or recite in a musical or rhythmic manner
the projecting edge or rim of a cask or barrel

c.1300, chymbe “cymbal,” from Old English cymbal, cimbal, also perhaps through Old French chimbe or directly from Latin cymbalum (see cymbal, the modern word for what this word originally meant). Evidently the word was misinterpreted as chymbe bellen (c.1300) and its sense shifted to “chime bells,” a meaning attested from mid-15c.

mid-14c., chyme, from chime (n.). Originally of metal, etc.; of voices from late 14c. To chime in originally was musical, “join harmoniously;” of conversation by 1838. Related: Chimed; chiming.
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