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a person whose business it is to clean out chimneys.
a person whose job is the cleaning out of soot from chimneys


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  • Chimney-swift

    noun 1. an American swift, Chateura pelagica, which often builds its nest in an unused chimney. noun 1. a North American swift, Chaetura pelagica, that nests in chimneys and similar hollows

  • Chimney-wheel

    noun 1. .

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    [chimp] /tʃɪmp/ noun, Informal. 1. . /tʃɪmp/ noun 1. (informal) short for chimpanzee

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    [chim-pan-zee, chim-pan-zee] /ˌtʃɪm pænˈzi, tʃɪmˈpæn zi/ noun 1. a large, somewhat arboreal anthropoid ape, Pan troglodytes, of equatorial Africa, having a brown-to-black coat, a relatively hairless face with a rounded muzzle, prominent ears, and hands adapted for knuckle-walking, noted for its intelligence and humanlike behavior: now greatly reduced in number and threatened with extinction in […]

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