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Chinese eddo

another name for taro


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  • Chinese-empire

    noun 1. China under the rule of various imperial dynasties, including China proper and other domains, as Manchuria, Mongolia, Sinkiang, and Tibet: replaced by a republic in January, 1912. noun 1. China as ruled by the emperors until the establishment of the republic in 1911–12

  • Chinese-evergreen

    noun 1. a tropical Asian plant, Aglaonema modestum, of the arum family, often grown indoors, in water or soil, for its glossy green foliage.

  • Chinese exclusion act of 1882

    A federal law passed in response to complaints by workers on the West Coast that competition from Chinese immigrants was driving down their wages and threatening white “racial purity.” It suspended Chinese immigration for ten years and declared Chinese immigrants ineligible for naturalization as American citizens. The law was renewed in 1892 for another ten […]

  • Chinese-fan-palm

    noun 1. a fan palm, Livistona chinensis, of southern Japan, having very large, deeply cleft leaves and bluish-green, ovalish fruit.

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