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Chinese pepper


See Szechuan pepper


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  • Chinese-primrose

    noun 1. See under (def 1). [prim-rohz] /ˈprɪmˌroʊz/ noun 1. any plant of the genus Primula, as P. vulgaris (English primrose) of Europe, having yellow flowers, or P. sinensis (Chinese primrose) of China, having flowers in a variety of colors. Compare . 2. . 3. pale yellow. adjective 4. of or relating to the primrose. […]

  • Chinese-puzzle

    noun 1. a very complicated puzzle. 2. anything very complicated or perplexing. noun 1. an intricate puzzle, esp one consisting of boxes within boxes 2. a complicated problem

  • Chinese-red

    noun 1. vermilion; orange red; red chrome. noun 1.

  • Chinese-restaurant syndrome

    [chahy-neez-res-ter-uh nt, -tuh-rahnt, -nees-] /ˈtʃaɪ nizˈrɛs tər ənt, -təˌrɑnt, -nis-/ noun 1. a reaction, as headache, sweating, etc., to monosodium glutamate, sometimes added to food in Chinese restaurants.

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