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(def 3).
(def 2).


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  • Chinese-wall

    noun, Informal. 1. . 2. an insuperable barrier or obstacle, as to understanding. noun 1. a notional barrier between the parts of a business, esp between the market makers and brokers of a stock-exchange business, across which no information should pass to the detriment of clients 2. an insurmountable obstacle

  • Chinese water deer

    noun 1. a small Chinese or Korean deer, Hydropotes inermis, having tusks and no antlers: introduced into England and France

  • Chinese-watermelon

    noun 1. . noun 1. a tropical Asian vine, Benincasa hispida, of the gourd family, having a brown, hairy stem, large, solitary, yellow flowers, and white, melonlike fruit. 2. the fruit itself.

  • Chinese water torture

    noun 1. a form of torture in which water is made to drip for a long period of time onto a victim’s forehead to drive him insane

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