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[chee-noh] /ˈtʃi noʊ/

noun, plural chinos for 2.
a tough, twilled cotton cloth used for uniforms, sports clothes, etc.
Usually, chinos. trousers made of this material.
made of chino.
[chee-noh] /ˈtʃi noʊ/
noun, plural chinos. Sometimes Disparaging and Offensive.
[chee-noh] /ˈtʃi noʊ/
a city in SE California.
plural noun
trousers made of chino
noun (pl) -nos
(US) a durable cotton twill cloth

(plural) 1943, from American Spanish chino, the name of the fabric from which they are made (see chino).

type of cotton twill cloth, 1943, from American Spanish chino, literally “toasted;” so called in reference to its usual color. Earlier (via notion of skin color) chino meant “child of one white parent, one Indian” (fem. china), perhaps from Quechua čina “female animal, servant.” Sources seem to disagree on whether the racial sense or the color sense is original.


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