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Chip art

microchip art


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  • Chip-based

    /ˈtʃɪpˌbeɪst/ adjective 1. (of electronic equipment or components) using or incorporating microchips

  • Chip basket

    noun 1. a wire basket for holding potato chips, etc, while frying in deep fat 2. a basket made of thin strips of wood, used esp for packing fruit

  • Chipboard

    [chip-bawrd, -bohrd] /ˈtʃɪpˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd/ noun 1. a low grade of cardboard, used as a backing for pads of paper, a stiffener for photographs in mailing, etc. 2. a thin, stiff sheet material made from wastepaper. 3. a type of made from compressed waste wood bound together with synthetic resin. /ˈtʃɪpˌbɔːd/ noun 1. a thin rigid […]

  • Chip box

    chad box

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