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[ki-rop-uh-dist, kahy- or, often, shuh-] /kɪˈrɒp ə dɪst, kaɪ- or, often, ʃə-/

a podiatrist.

1785, from chiro- “hand” + pod-, stem of Greek pous “foot” (see foot (n.)) + -ist. Probably coined by Canadian-born U.S. healer Daniel Palmer (1845-1913); originally they treated both hands and feet. A much-maligned word among classicists, who point out it could mean “having chapped feet” but probably doesn’t, and in that case it is an etymological garble and no one can say for sure what it is meant to signify. Related: Chiropody.


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    [ki-rop-uh-dee, kahy- or, often, shuh-] /kɪˈrɒp ə di, kaɪ- or, often, ʃə-/ noun 1. . /kɪˈrɒpədɪ/ noun 1. the treatment of the feet, esp the treatment of corns, verrucas, etc chiropody chi·rop·o·dy (kĭ-rŏp’ə-dē, shĭ-) n. See podiatry.

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    [kahy-ruh-prak-tik] /ˌkaɪ rəˈpræk tɪk/ noun 1. a therapeutic system based primarily upon the interactions of the spine and nervous system, the method of treatment usually being to adjust the segments of the spinal column. 2. a chiropractor. /ˌkaɪrəˈpræktɪk/ noun 1. a system of treating bodily disorders by manipulation of the spine and other parts, based […]

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    chiropractic medicine (kī’rə-prāk’tĭk) A system for treating disorders of the body, especially those of the bones, muscles, and joints, by manipulating the vertebrae of the spine and related structures.

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    [kahy-ruh-prak-ter] /ˈkaɪ rəˌpræk tər/ noun 1. one whose occupation is the practice of chiropractic. n. 1904, agent noun in Latin form from chiropractic (q.v.).

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