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Shirley (Anita St. Hill) 1924–2005, U.S. politician: congresswoman 1969–83; first black woman elected to the House of Representatives.
Contemporary Examples

So he called Chisholm and state representative Josh Zepnick and asked them to come talk to his congregation.
Sikhs On Alert Before Shooting Matthew DeLuca August 5, 2012

“It was a string of them and so that was their concern, that they were being specifically targeted,” Chisholm said.
Sikhs On Alert Before Shooting Matthew DeLuca August 5, 2012

Raised in the poverty-stricken Foster neighborhood in Portland, Chisholm started street preaching at age 19.
The Hipster Fred Phelps Mary Emily O’Hara December 7, 2013

“I spend about 20 minutes in front of each one until the police show up,” Chisholm explains.
The Hipster Fred Phelps Mary Emily O’Hara December 7, 2013

He grew up in Chisholm, Minn., among the iron mines near where his mother worked in a factory.
Philip Falcone: Billionaire on the Brink Eli Lake April 15, 2012

Historical Examples

Then she got up, smiling, and advanced to meet Chisholm and Flora, who came up the garden path.
Wyndham’s Pal Harold Bindloss

In Chisholm the first element may mean pebble; cf. Chesil Beach.
The Romance of Names Ernest Weekley

He was rather angry with young Chisholm, because he was persuaded Wyndham had not seen the buoy.
Wyndham’s Pal Harold Bindloss

For some seconds Borlasse is silent, pondering upon what Chisholm has said.
The Death Shot Mayne Reid

Here Quincy told the arrangement that he had made with young Chisholm, and gave him the password.
Quincy Adams Sawyer and Mason’s Corner Folks Charles Felton Pidgin


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