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See mancala


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  • Chi-square

    [kahy-skwair] /ˈkaɪˌskwɛər/ noun, Statistics. 1. a quantity equal to the summation over all variables of the quotient of the square of the difference between the observed and expected values divided by the expected value of the variable. chi-square n. A test statistic that is calculated as the sum of the squares of observed values minus […]

  • Chi-square distribution

    /ˈkaɪˌskwɛə/ noun 1. (statistics) a continuous single-parameter distribution derived as a special case of the gamma distribution and used esp to measure goodness of fit and to test hypotheses and obtain confidence intervals for the variance of a normally distributed variable

  • Chi-square test

    noun, Statistics. 1. a test devised by Karl Pearson that uses the quantity chi-square for testing the mathematical fit of a frequency curve to an observed frequency distribution. noun 1. (statistics) a test derived from the chi-square distribution to compare the goodness of fit of theoretical and observed frequency distributions or to compare nominal data […]

  • Chit

    [chit] /tʃɪt/ noun 1. a signed note for money owed for food, drink, etc. 2. any receipt, voucher, or similar document, especially of an informal nature. 3. Chiefly British. a note; short memorandum. [chit] /tʃɪt/ noun 1. a child or young person, especially a pert girl. [chit] /tʃɪt/ noun, Hinduism. 1. . [chit] /tʃɪt/ noun, […]

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