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[kahyt-n, kahy-ton] /ˈkaɪt n, ˈkaɪ tɒn/

Also called sea cradle. a mollusk of the class Amphineura, having a mantle covered with calcareous plates, found adhering to rocks.
a gown or tunic, with or without sleeves, worn by both sexes in ancient Greece.
/ˈkaɪtən; -tɒn/
(in ancient Greece and Rome) a loose woollen tunic worn knee length by men and full length by women
Also called coat-of-mail shell. any small primitive marine mollusc of the genus Chiton and related genera, having an elongated body covered with eight overlapping shell plates: class Amphineura

mollusc genus, 1816, from Latinized form of Greek khiton “frock (worn by both sexes), tunic, mail coat” (see chitin). Used in English in literal sense of “ancient Greek tunic” from 1850. The molluscs also are known as “coat-of-mail shells” for their mail-like covering.


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