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[kloh-az-muh] /kloʊˈæz mə/

noun, Pathology.
a condition in which light-brown spots occur on the skin, caused by exposure to sun, dyspepsia, or certain specific diseases.
noun (pl) chloasmata (kləʊˈæzmətə)
(med) the appearance on a person’s skin, esp of the face, of patches of darker colour: associated with hormonal changes caused by liver disease or the use of oral contraceptives

chloasma chlo·as·ma (klō-āz’mə)
n. pl. chlo·as·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
A patchy brown or dark brown skin discoloration that usually occurs on a woman’s face and may result from hormonal changes, as in pregnancy. Also called mask of pregnancy, melasma.


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