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[klaw-ram-byuh-sil, kloh-] /klɔˈræm byə sɪl, kloʊ-/

noun, Pharmacology.
a nitrogen mustard, C 14 H 19 Cl 2 NO 2 , used in the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, malignant lymphomas, and Hodgkin’s disease.
an alkylating drug derived from nitrogen mustard, administered orally in the treatment of leukaemia and other malignant diseases. Formula: C14H19Cl2NO2

chlorambucil chlor·am·bu·cil (klôr-ām’byə-sĭl)
An anticancer drug that is a derivitive of nitrogen mustard and is used to depress the proliferation and maturation of lymphocytes in such diseases as leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease.


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