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a hypothetical acid, HClO 3 , known only in solution or in the form of its salts.
a strong acid with a pungent smell, known only in solution and in the form of chlorate salts. Formula: HClO3

chloric acid chlo·ric acid (klôr’ĭk)
A strongly oxidizing unstable chlorine acid that exists only in solution and as chlorates.


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    [klawr-ahyd, -id, klohr-] /ˈklɔr aɪd, -ɪd, ˈkloʊr-/ noun 1. a salt of hydrochloric acid consisting of two elements, one of which is chlorine, as , NaCl. 2. a compound containing chlorine, as , CH 3 Cl. /ˈklɔːraɪd/ noun 1. any salt of hydrochloric acid, containing the chloride ion Cl– 2. any compound containing a chlorine […]

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    noun 1. . noun 1. another name for bleaching powder

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    noun, Photography. 1. a relatively slow printing paper coated with an emulsion of silver chloride: used mostly for contact prints.

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    chloride shift n. The movement of chloride ions from the plasma into red blood cells as a result of the transfer of carbon dioxide from tissues to the plasma, a process that serves to maintain blood pH.

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