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[chok-taw] /ˈtʃɒk tɔ/

noun, plural Choctaws (especially collectively) Choctaw for 1.
a member of a large Muskhogean tribe of North American Indians, formerly living chiefly in southern Mississippi, now in Oklahoma.
the language of the Choctaw, closely related to Chickasaw.
something unintelligible, as speech, illegible handwriting, or an ineffectual explanation; gibberish:
My best efforts at clarity were Choctaw to him.
(skating) a turn from the inside edge of one skate to the outside edge of the other or vice versa
(pl) -taws, -taw. a member of a Native American people of Alabama
the language of this people, belonging to the Muskogean family

1722, from Choctaw Chahta, of uncertain meaning, but also said to be from Spanish chato “flattened,” for the tribe’s custom of flattening the heads of male infants. As a figure skating step, first recorded 1892. Sometimes used in 19c. American English as typical of a difficult or incomprehensible language (cf. Greek in this sense from c.1600).


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