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[kwahyuh r] /kwaɪər/

a company of singers, especially an organized group employed in church service.
any group of musicians or musical instruments; a musical company, or band, or a division of one:
string choir.

(in medieval angelology) one of the orders of angels.
professed to recite or chant the divine office:
a choir monk.
verb (used with or without object)
to sing or sound in chorus.
an organized group of singers, esp for singing in church services

a number of instruments of the same family playing together: a brass choir
Also called choir organ. one of the manuals on an organ controlling a set of soft sweet-toned pipes Compare great (sense 21), swell (sense 16)
any of the nine orders of angels in medieval angelology

c.1300, queor “part of the church where the choir sings,” from Old French cuer, quer “choir of a church (architectural); chorus of singers” (13c., Modern French choeur), from Latin chorus “choir” (see chorus). Meaning “band of singers” is c.1400, quyre. Re-spelled mid-17c. on Latin model.


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