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cholangiogastrostomy cho·lan·gi·o·gas·tros·to·my (kō-lān’jē-ō-gā-strŏs’tə-mē)
The surgical formation of a communication between a bile duct and the stomach.


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  • Cholangiography

    [kuh-lan-jee-og-ruh-fee, koh-] /kəˌlæn dʒiˈɒg rə fi, koʊ-/ noun 1. x-ray examination of the bile ducts using a radiopaque contrast medium. /kəˌlændʒɪˈɒɡrəfɪ/ noun 1. radiographic examination of the bile ducts after the introduction into them of a contrast medium cholangiography cho·lan·gi·og·ra·phy (kō-lān’jē-ŏg’rə-fē) n. A radiographic examination of the bile ducts following administration of a radiopaque contrast […]

  • Cholangiogram

    cholangiogram cho·lan·gi·o·gram (kō-lān’jē-ə-grām’) n. A radiographic image of the bile ducts that is obtained by cholangiography.

  • Cholangiole

    cholangiole cho·lan·gi·ole (kō-lān’jē-ōl’) n. A ductule occurring between a bile canaliculus and an interlobular bile duct.

  • Cholangiolitic hepatitis

    cholangiolitic hepatitis n. Hepatitis with inflammatory changes around the small bile ducts, producing obstructive jaundice.

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