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[koh-luh-si-stot-uh-mee, kol-uh-] /ˌkoʊ lə sɪˈstɒt ə mi, ˌkɒl ə-/

noun, plural cholecystotomies. Surgery.
incision of the gallbladder.

cholecystotomy cho·le·cys·tot·o·my (kō’lĭ-sĭ-stŏt’tə-mē)
Incision into the gallbladder.


Read Also:

  • Choledochal

    choledochal cho·led·o·chal (kə-lěd’ə-kəl, kō’lĭ-dŏk’əl) adj. Relating to the common bile duct.

  • Choledochectomy

    choledochectomy cho·led·o·chec·to·my (kə-lěd’ə-kěk’tə-mē, kō’lĭ-dō-) n. Surgical removal of a portion of the common bile duct.

  • Choledochitis

    choledochitis cho·led·o·chi·tis (kə-lěd’ə-kī’tĭs, kō’lĭ-dō-) n. Inflammation of the common bile duct.

  • Choledocho-

    choledocho- or choledoch- pref. Common bile duct: choledochectomy.

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