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[kuh-les-ter-uh-lee-mee-uh] /kəˌlɛs tər əˈli mi ə/

noun, Pathology.
the presence of an abnormal amount of in the blood.

cholesterolemia cho·les·ter·ol·e·mi·a (kə-lěs’tər-ə-lē’mē-ə) or cho·les·ter·e·mi·a (kə-lěs’tə-rē’mē-ə)
The presence of elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood.


Read Also:

  • Cholesterolosis

    cholesterolosis cho·les·ter·ol·o·sis (kə-lěs’tər-ə-lō’sĭs) or cho·les·ter·o·sis (kə-lěs’tə-rō’sĭs) n. A condition marked by abnormal deposition of cholesterol, as in tissues or blood vessels.

  • Cholesteroluria

    cholesteroluria cho·les·ter·ol·u·ri·a (kə-lěs’tər-ə-lur’ē-ə, -tə-rôl’-lyur’-) n. Excretion of cholesterol in the urine.

  • Cholestyramine

    cholestyramine cho·le·styr·a·mine (kō’lĭ-stēr’ə-mēn’, kō-lěs’tə-rām’ēn) n. A drug used to lower serum cholesterol levels and treat itching associated with jaundice through its ability to promote excretion of bile acids.

  • Choleuria

    choleuria cho·le·u·ri·a (kō’lə-yur’ē-ə) n. Variant of choluria.

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