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chondrotomy chon·drot·o·my (kŏn-drŏt’ə-mē)
The surgical division of a cartilage.


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  • Chondrosternoplasty

    chondrosternoplasty chon·dro·ster·no·plas·ty (kŏn’drō-stûr’nə-plās’tē) n. Surgical correction of malformations of the sternum.

  • Chondroxiphoid

    chondroxiphoid chon·dro·xiph·oid (kŏn’drō-zĭf’oid’) adj. Relating to the xiphoid cartilage.

  • Chondrule

    [kon-drool] /ˈkɒn drul/ noun 1. a small round mass of olivine or pyroxene found in stony meteorites. /ˈkɒndruːl/ noun 1. one of the small spherical masses of mainly silicate minerals present in chondrites chondrule (kŏn’drl) A small round granule of olivine or pyroxene occurring in many stony meteorites. Chondrules are thought to have formed from […]

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