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[chop-loj-ik] /ˈtʃɒpˌlɒdʒ ɪk/

sophistic or overly complicated argumentation.
Also, choplogical. exhibiting or indulging in choplogic.


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  • Chop-logic

    [chop] /tʃɒp/ verb (used without object), chopped, chopping. 1. to turn, shift, or change suddenly: The wind chopped to the west. 2. to vacillate; change one’s mind. 3. Obsolete. Idioms 4. chop logic, to reason or dispute argumentatively; draw unnecessary distinctions. /tʃɒp/ verb chops, chopping, chopped 1. often foll by down or off. to cut […]

  • Chop-mark

    noun 1. a notch or other mark made in a coin to indicate verification of its authenticity, especially by a banker or merchant in the Far East during the 18th or 19th centuries.

  • Chopped

    [chopt] /tʃɒpt/ adjective 1. diced, minced, or cut into small bits. 2. (of an automobile) streamlined; lowered. [chop] /tʃɒp/ verb (used with object), chopped, chopping. 1. to cut or sever with a quick, heavy blow or a series of blows, using an ax, hatchet, etc. (often followed by down, off, etc.): to chop down a […]

  • Chopped-liver

    noun 1. cooked liver chopped with onions and hard-boiled eggs and seasoned. noun chicken livers, chopped with hard boiled eggs and sauteed onions Usage Note cooking noun phrase An insignificant person or thing; nothing •Often in the negative: We have spent $25 million to adapt. And that isn’t chopped liver/ It ain’t chopped liver/ I’m […]

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