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noun, Embryology.
one of the branching outgrowths of the chorion that, together with maternal tissue, form the placenta.

chorionic villus n.
Any of the various fingerlike projections of the chorion of the embryo that contain fetal blood vessels and grow into the intervillous lacuna of the placenta.


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  • Chorionic-villus-sampling

    noun 1. a prenatal test for detecting birth defects at an early stage of pregnancy, involving removal by needle of fluid from the chorionic villus, and examination of the cells obtained. noun 1. a method of diagnosing genetic disorders early in pregnancy by the removal by catheter through the cervix or abdomen of a tiny […]

  • Chorioretinal

    chorioretinal cho·ri·o·ret·i·nal (kôr’ē-ō-rět’n-əl) adj. Relating to the choroid coat of the eye and to the retina.

  • Chorioretinitis

    chorioretinitis cho·ri·o·ret·i·ni·tis (kôr’ē-ō-rět’n-ī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the choroid and retina. Also called choroidoretinitis, retinochoroiditis.

  • Chorioretinopathy

    chorioretinopathy cho·ri·o·ret·i·nop·a·thy (kôr’ē-ō-rět’n-ŏp’ə-thē) n. A noninflammatory abnormality of the choroid with extension to the retina.

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