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choroidocyclitis cho·roi·do·cy·cli·tis (kə-roi’dō-sĭ-klī’tĭs, -sī-, kô-)
Inflammation of the choroid and the ciliary body.


Read Also:

  • Choroidopathy

    choroidopathy cho·roi·dop·a·thy (kôr’oi-dŏp’ə-thē) n. Noninflammatory degeneration of the choroid.

  • Choroidoretinitis

    choroidoretinitis cho·roi·do·ret·i·ni·tis (kə-roi’dō-rět’n-ī’tĭs, kô-) n. See chorioretinitis.

  • Choroid plexus

    noun 1. a multilobed vascular membrane, projecting into the cerebral ventricles, that secretes cerebrospinal fluid choroid plexus n. A vascular proliferation of the cerebral ventricles that serves to regulate intraventricular pressure by secretion or absorption of cerebrospinal fluid.

  • Choroid tela of fourth ventricle

    choroid tela of fourth ventricle n. The sheet of pia mater covering the lower part of the ependymal roof of the fourth ventricle of the brain.

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