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Chou glouglou


See hearts of palm


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  • Choukoutien

    [joh-koh-tyen] /ˈdʒoʊˈkoʊˈtyɛn/ noun 1. Wade-Giles. .

  • Chou palmiste

    noun See hearts of palm

  • Chou-pastry

    noun 1. .

  • Chouse

    [chous] /tʃaʊs/ verb (used with object), choused, chousing. 1. to swindle; cheat (often followed by of or out of). noun 2. a swindle. 3. Archaic. a swindler. 4. Archaic. a dupe. n. “swindler, swindle,” 1650s, said to be from Turkish chaush “sergeant, herald, messenger,” but the sense connection is obscure.

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