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Chow hall

noun phrase

A room where meals are served, esp a military mess hall (1940s+ Army)


Read Also:

  • Chowhound

    [chou-hound] /ˈtʃaʊˌhaʊnd/ noun, Slang. 1. a person who eats food in large quantities or with great gusto; glutton.

  • Chowk

    /tʃaʊk/ noun (in the Indian subcontinent) 1. (often in place names) a marketplace or market area: Vijay Chowk 2. a courtyard 3. a road junction or roundabout

  • Chow line

    noun phrase A line of persons waiting to get food (1920s+ Armed forces)

  • Chow-mein

    [chou meyn] /ˌtʃaʊ ˈmeɪn/ noun 1. a Chinese-style dish of steamed or stir-fried vegetables, topped with shredded chicken, shrimp, etc., and served with fried noodles. /meɪn/ noun 1. a Chinese-American dish, consisting of mushrooms, meat, shrimps, etc, served with fried noodles n. 1903, American English, from Chinese ch’ao mien “fried flour.”

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