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one who studies wealth; a political economist
Word Origin

chremat- ‘wealth’


Read Also:

  • Chrematophobia

    noun a fear of money, wealth Word Origin chremat- ‘wealth’

  • Chresard

    [kres-erd] /ˈkrɛs ərd/ noun 1. the water in soil that is available to plants for absorption. /ˈkrɛsəd/ noun 1. the amount of water present in the soil that is available to plants

  • Chremzel

    [krem-zuh l; Yiddish khrem-zuh l] /ˈkrɛm zəl; Yiddish ˈxrɛm zəl/ noun, plural chremzlach [kremz-luh k, -lahk; Yiddish khremz-luh kh, -lahkh] /ˈkrɛmz lək, -lɑk; Yiddish ˈxrɛmz ləx, -lɑx/ (Show IPA). Jewish Cookery. 1. a flat cake made from matzo meal, topped or stuffed with a filling, as of ground meat or fruit and nuts.

  • Chrestien de Troyes

    [krey-tyan duh trwah] /kreɪˈtyɛ̃ də ˈtrwɑ/ noun 1. c1140–c90, French poet.

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