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[kris-uh n] /ˈkrɪs ən/

verb (used with object)
to receive into the Christian church by baptism; baptize.
to give a name to at baptism:
They christened her Mary.
to name and dedicate:
to christen a ship.
to make use of for the first time.
verb (transitive)
to give a Christian name to in baptism as a sign of incorporation into a Christian Church
another word for baptize
to give a name to (anything), esp with some ceremony
(informal) to use for the first time

c.1200, from Old English cristnian “to baptize,” literally “to make Christian,” from cristen “Christian” (see Christian). General meaning of “to name” is attested from mid-15c. Related: Christened; christening.


To use for the first time: let’s christen the new bed (1990+)


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