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Christian democrat

a member or supporter of a Christian Democratic party
of or relating to a Christian Democratic party


Read Also:

  • Christian democratic party

    noun 1. any of various political parties in Europe and Latin America which combine moderate conservatism with historical links to the Christian Church

  • Christian-endeavor

    noun 1. an organization of young people of various evangelical Protestant churches, formed in 1881 to promote Christian principles and service.

  • Christian-era

    noun 1. the period since the assumed year of Jesus’ birth. noun 1. the period beginning with the year of Christ’s birth. Dates in this era are labelled ad, those previous to it bc Also called Common Era

  • Christiania

    [kris-chee-an-ee-uh, -ah-nee-uh, kris-tee-] /ˌkrɪs tʃiˈæn i ə, -ˈɑ ni ə, ˌkrɪs ti-/ noun 1. former name of . 2. Skiing. . /ˌkrɪstɪˈɑːnɪə/ noun 1. a former name (1624–1877) of Oslo

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