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Chromaffin body

chromaffin body n.
See paraganglion.


Read Also:

  • Chromaffin cell

    chromaffin cell n. A cell that stains readily with chromium salts, especially a cell of the adrenal medulla.

  • Chromaffinoma

    chromaffinoma chro·maf·fin·o·ma (krō’mə-fə-nō’mə, krō-māf’ə-) n. A tumor composed of chromaffin cells. Also called chromaffin tumor.

  • Chromaffinopathy

    chromaffinopathy chro·maf·fi·nop·a·thy (krō-māf’ə-nŏp’ə-thē) n. A pathological condition of chromaffin tissue.

  • Chromaffin tissue

    chromaffin tissue n. A cellular tissue, vascular and well supplied with nerves, made up chiefly of chromaffin cells and found in the medulla of the adrenal glands and in the paraganglia.

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