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Chrome pony

noun phrase

A motorcycle; bad boy, iron, Sled (1990s+)


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  • Chrome-red

    noun 1. a bright-red pigment consisting of the basic chromate of lead. noun 1. any red pigment used in paints, consisting of a mixture of lead chromate and lead oxide; basic lead chromate

  • Chrome-steel

    noun 1. any of various steels containing chromium. noun 1. any of various hard rust-resistant steels containing chromium Also called chromium steel

  • Chromesthesia

    chromesthesia chro·mes·the·sia (krō’měs-thē’zhə) n. A condition in which another sensation, such as taste or smell, is stimulated by the perception of color.

  • Chrome tape

    noun 1. magnetic recording tape coated with chrome dioxide

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