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[kroh-moh-li-thog-ruh-fee] /ˌkroʊ moʊ lɪˈθɒg rə fi/

the process of lithographing in colors from a series of plates or stones.
the process of making coloured prints by lithography


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  • Chromolysis

    chromolysis chro·mol·y·sis (krō-mŏl’ĭ-sĭs) n. See chromatolysis.

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    [kroh-muh-meer] /ˈkroʊ məˌmɪər/ noun 1. Genetics. one of the beadlike granules arranged in a linear series in a chromonema. 2. Anatomy. the central, granular part of a blood platelet. /ˈkrəʊməˌmɪə/ noun 1. (cytology) any of the dense areas of chromatin along the length of a chromosome during the early stages of cell division chromomere chro·mo·mere […]

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