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chronooncology chron·o·on·col·o·gy (krŏn’ō-ŏn-kŏl’ə-jē, -ŏng-)


Read Also:

  • Chronopher

    [kron-uh-fer, kroh-nuh-] /ˈkrɒn ə fər, ˈkroʊ nə-/ noun 1. an instrument for transmitting time signals electronically.

  • Chronophobia

    noun a fear of time Word Origin chrono- ‘time’

  • Chronos

    [kron-oh] /ˈkrɒn oʊ/ noun, plural chronos. 1. .

  • Chronoscope

    [kron-uh-skohp, kroh-nuh-] /ˈkrɒn əˌskoʊp, ˈkroʊ nə-/ noun 1. an electronic instrument for measuring accurately very brief intervals of time, as in determining the velocity of projectiles. /ˈkrɒnəˌskəʊp; ˈkrəʊnə-/ noun 1. an instrument that registers small intervals of time on a dial, cathode-ray tube, etc

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