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[kris-uh-lis] /ˈkrɪs ə lɪs/

noun, plural chrysalises, chrysalides
[kri-sal-i-deez] /krɪˈsæl ɪˌdiz/ (Show IPA)
the hard-shelled pupa of a moth or butterfly; an obtect pupa.
noun (pl) chrysalises, chrysalides (krɪˈsælɪˌdiːz)
the obtect pupa of a moth or butterfly
anything in the process of developing

c.1600, from Latin chrysallis, from Greek khrysallis (genitive khrysallidos) “golden colored pupa of the butterfly,” from khrysos “gold,” perhaps of Semitic origin (cf. Hebrew and Phoenician harutz “gold”) + second element meaning something like “sheath.” Seeking a plural, OED leans toward the classically correct chrysalides.


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