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[chuhmp] /tʃʌmp/

verb (used with or without object)
to bite or chew; munch.
(Yorkshire, dialect) collecting wood for bonfires on Guy Fawkes Day
(informal) a stupid person
a thick heavy block of wood

(Brit, slang) the head (esp in the phrase off one’s chump)
a less common word for chomp

1703, “short, thick lump of wood,” akin to Old Norse kumba “block of wood.” Meaning “blockhead” is first attested 1883. Chump change attested by 1950.


: The honest, hardworking immigrant was a chump game


A stupid person, esp a dupe; sucker: I look like a chump these days (1877+)


: You were chumped, Donna Rice and Marla Trump (1920s+)

Related Terms

off one’s chump

[origin unknown; perhaps an alteration of chunk referring to blockheadedness]


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