of or relating to a city; municipal:
civic problems.
of or relating to citizenship; civil:
civic duties.
of citizens:
civic pride.
Contemporary Examples

Meanwhile, Guatemalan civic groups worry that the presence of U.S. troops could once again stoke repression at home.
Guatemala: A Losing Battle in the War on Drugs? Mac Margolis September 15, 2012

U.S. Honda sales rose 30.9 percent from September 2011, to 117,211 units, led by gains in the Accord and the civic.
U.S. Car Sales Continue Their Rise in September Daniel Gross October 1, 2012

Now that giving thanks to God no longer plays a prominent role in American civic life, Whom or What do we thank on Thanksgiving?
Up to a Point: Thanks to the Biggest Turkey, Uncle Sam P. J. O’Rourke November 26, 2014

They have somehow managed to stay rooted in a time when greed was tempered by civic morality.
Michael Tomasky: Why Jamie Dimon Should Resign From J.P. Morgan Michael Tomasky May 14, 2012

Ferocious debates over civilian complaint review boards tore the civic fabric to shreds.
Bill Lynch, the Culminator Michael Tomasky August 11, 2013

Historical Examples

Mr. Layton was a respected citizen of the 22 town and foremost in its civic activities.
The Radio Boys Trailing a Voice Allen Chapman

Women were secluded from all civic life and from all intellectual culture.
The Truth About Woman C. Gasquoine Hartley

It was stated that at the Cathedral the civic procession “passed along the rush-strewed pavement into the choir.”
Norfolk Annals Charles Mackie

It ain’t no part of our civic economy to let Red Dog get by with anything.
Faro Nell and Her Friends Alfred Henry Lewis

Mesmer’s son Joseph is still living and is active in civic affairs.
Sixty Years in Southern California 1853-1913 Harris Newmark

of or relating to a city, citizens, or citizenship: civic duties

1540s, originally mostly in civic crown (Latin corona civica), a chaplet of oak leaves awarded to one who saved the life of a fellow citizen in battle, from Latin civicus “of a citizen,” adjectival derivation of civis “townsman” (see city). Sense of “having to do with citizens” is from 1790.

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