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Clement X

(Emilio Altieri) 1590–1676, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1670–76.


Read Also:

  • Clement XI

    noun 1. (Giovanni Francesco Albani) 1649–1721, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1700–21.

  • Clement XII

    noun 1. (Lorenzo Corsini) 1652–1740, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1730–40.

  • Clement XIV

    noun 1. (Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli; Lorenzo Ganganelli) 1705–74, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1769–74.

  • Clemmed

    [klem] /klɛm/ verb (used with or without object), clemmed, clemming. British Dialect. 1. to starve. /klɛm/ verb clems, clemming, clemmed, clams, clamming, clammed 1. (when transitive, usually passive) (English, dialect) to be hungry or cause to be hungry noun A fight between show people and the local citizenry: It’d start a clem, with me in […]

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