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mild or merciful in disposition or character; lenient; compassionate:
A clement judge reduced his sentence.
(of the weather) mild or temperate; pleasant.
a male given name.
Saint (Clement of Rome) a.d. c30–c100, first of the Apostolic Fathers: pope 88?–97?
(Suidger) died 1047, pope 1046–47.
(Paolo Scolari) died 1191, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1187–91.
(Guy Foulques) died 1268, French ecclesiastic: pope 1265–68.
(Bertrand de Got) 1264–1314, French ecclesiastic: pope 1305–14.
(Pierre Roger) 1291–1352, French ecclesiastic: pope 1342–52.
(Giulio de’ Medici) 1478–1534, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1523–34 (nephew of Lorenzo de’ Medici).
(Ippolito Aldobrandini) 1536–1605, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1592–1605.
(Giulio Rospigliosi) 1600–69, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1667–69.
(Emilio Altieri) 1590–1676, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1670–76.
(Giovanni Francesco Albani) 1649–1721, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1700–21.
(Lorenzo Corsini) 1652–1740, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1730–40.
(Carlo della Torre Rezzonico) 1693–1769, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1758–69.
(Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli; Lorenzo Ganganelli) 1705–74, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1769–74.
Contemporary Examples

Obama: More Nixon Than Carter Melik Kaylan September 24, 2010
Paul Clement Argues Both Sides of the Federalism Debate Chris Geidner April 25, 2012
Sixty Years of Meddling and Bad Blood Alex Von Tunzelmann December 3, 2008
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Justice Roberts Shines David Frum March 27, 2012

Historical Examples

Dust of New York Konrad Bercovici
The Forest Stewart Edward White
The Freethinker’s Text Book, Part II. Annie Besant
Henry Dunbar M. E. Braddon
History of Dogma, Volume 2 (of 7) Adolph Harnack

(of the weather) mild
Saint, called Clement of Rome. pope (?88–?97 ad). Feast day: Nov 23
original name Bertrand de Got. ?1264–1314, pope (1305–14): removed the papal seat from Rome to Avignon in France (1309)
original name Giulio de’ Medici. 1478–1534, pope (1523–34): refused to authorize the annulment of the marriage of Henry VIII of England to Catherine of Aragon (1533)


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