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[klee-oh] /ˈkli oʊ/

a female given name.

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  • Cleobulus

    [klee-oh-byoo-luh s, klee-uh-, klee-ob-yuh-luh s] /ˌkli oʊˈbyu ləs, ˌkli ə-, kliˈɒb yə ləs/ noun 1. flourished 560 b.c, Greek sage and lyric poet, a native and tyrant of Lindus, Rhodes.

  • Cleoid

    [klee-oid] /ˈkli ɔɪd/ noun, Dentistry. 1. a claw-shaped dental instrument used to remove carious material from a cavity.

  • Cleome

    [klee-oh-mee] /kliˈoʊ mi/ noun 1. any of numerous strong-smelling plants or shrubs belonging to the genus Cleome, of the caper family, mostly natives of tropical regions, and often bearing showy flowers. /klɪˈəʊmɪ/ noun 1. any herbaceous or shrubby plant of the mostly tropical capparidaceous genus Cleome, esp C. spinosa, cultivated for their clusters of white […]

  • Cleomenes III

    [klee-om-uh-neez] /kliˈɒm əˌniz/ noun 1. died c220 b.c, king of Sparta c235–c220.

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