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[kleev-luh nd] /ˈkliv lənd/

(Stephen) Grover
[groh-ver] /ˈgroʊ vər/ (Show IPA), 1837–1908, 22nd and 24th president of the U.S. 1885–89, 1893–97.
a port in NE Ohio, on Lake Erie.
a county in N England. 225 sq. mi. (583 sq. km).
a city in SE Tennessee.
a city in NW Mississippi.
Mount, a mountain in NW Montana: highest peak in the Lewis Range in the Rocky Mountains. 10,466 feet (3192 meters).
a volcano on Chuginadak Island in the Aleutians, SW Alaska. 5676 feet (1730 meters).
a male given name.
a former county of NE England formed in 1974 from parts of E Durham and N Yorkshire; replaced in 1996 by the unitary authorities of Hartlepool (Durham), Stockton-on-Tees (Durham), Middlesbrough (North Yorkshire) and Redcar and Cleveland (North Yorkshire)
a port in NE Ohio, on Lake Erie: major heavy industries. Pop: 461 324 (2003 est)
a hilly region of NE England, extending from the Cleveland Hills to the River Tees
Stephen Grover. 1837–1908, US Democratic politician; the 22nd and 24th president of the US (1885–89; 1893–97)

city in Ohio, U.S., laid out 1796 by Gen. Moses Cleaveland (1754-1806) and later named for him. His descendants included U.S. President Grover Cleveland (1837-1908). The family name is from place names in England based on Middle English cleove, a variant of cliff.

Largest city in Ohio, on Lake Erie.


A thousand dollars; a thousand-dollar bill: The British publicist offered me an exclusive with King Freddy for a Cleveland—$1,000—but I passed

[1990s+; fr the presidential portrait on the banknote]


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