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Clinically dead

having no respiration, no heartbeat, and with no contraction of the pupils when exposed to a strong light


Read Also:

  • Clinically obese

    adjective 1. the state at which being overweight causes medical complications

  • Clinical medicine

    clinical medicine n. The study and practice of medicine based on direct observation of patients.

  • Clinical nurse specialist

    clinical nurse specialist n. A nurse who has advanced knowledge and competence in a particular area of nursing practice, such as in cardiology, oncology, or psychiatry.

  • Clinical-pathology

    noun 1. the branch of pathology dealing with the study of disease and disease processes by means of chemical, microscopic, and serologic examinations. noun a subspecialty of pathology focusing on theoretical and technical aspects of the diagnosis and prevention of disease and patient care; the use of laboratory methods in clinical diagnosis clinical pathology n.

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