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De Witt
[duh wit] /də ˈwɪt/ (Show IPA), 1769–1828, U.S. political leader and statesman: governor of New York 1817–21, 1825–28 (son of James Clinton).
George, 1739–1812, governor of New York 1777–95, 1801–04: vice president of the U.S. 1805–12.
Sir Henry, 1738?–95, commander in chief of the British forces in the American Revolutionary War.
Hillary (Rodham) born 1947, U.S. politician: senator from New York 2001–2009; secretary of state 2009–2013 (wife of William J. Clinton).
James, 1733–1812, American general in the Revolutionary War (brother of George Clinton).
William J(efferson) (“Bill”) born 1946, 42nd president of the U.S. 1993–2001.
a city in E Iowa, on the Mississippi River.
a city in central Maryland.
a town in W Mississippi.
a city in central Massachusetts.
a town in S Connecticut.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

Thus, for example, his recent efforts to revive the Clinton scandals of the 1990s.
Unemployed Ken Cuccinelli Finds a Job With Rand Paul Suing Obama Michelle Cottle February 12, 2014

Clinton famously triangulated his way to reelection, but Republicans remained in charge of both houses.
How to Stop the Bleeding Howard Kurtz November 3, 2010

Polls show that the most recent surge in Americans trusting their government happened while President Clinton was in office.
Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: October 5 PunditFact.com October 4, 2014

Reihan Salam on the real challenges of Clinton’s trip to Asia.
Why I Don’t Envy Hillary Reihan Salam July 19, 2009

In 1998, President Clinton bombed Serbia in response to the attempted ethnic cleansing of Kosovo without such approval.
Ex-Bush Officials Love Obama’s Unilateralism on Syria Eli Lake August 30, 2013

Historical Examples

Only two courses remained, either to go back to Clinton, or to remain for the night where they were.
The International Monthly, Vol. II, No. I Various

In Berckmans we have the fruit of Delaware on the vine of Clinton.
Manual of American Grape-Growing U. P. Hedrick

Accordingly, overtures were made to General Clinton, which were at length accepted.
Great Events in the History of North and South America Charles A. Goodrich

Clinton had scarcely done so before, stepping back, he clutched my arm.
A Master of Mysteries L. T. Meade

Nothing so vividly revealed this enthusiasm as the reception afforded Governor Clinton when he visited Ohio in 1825.
Lincoln, the Politician T. Aaron Levy

Bill, full name William Jefferson Clinton. born 1946, US Democrat politician; 42nd president of the US (1993–2001)
his wife, Hillary Rodham. born 1947, US Democrat politician and lawyer: first lady (1993–2001); senator (2001–09); secretary of state (2009–13)


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