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[klip-klop] /ˈklɪpˌklɒp/

the sound made by a horse’s hooves

sound as of a horse’s hooves, 1884, imitative.


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  • Clip-fed

    [klip-fed] /ˈklɪpˌfɛd/ adjective 1. (of a rifle) loading from a into the magazine. adjective 1. (of an automatic firearm) loaded from a cartridge clip

  • Clip forceps

    clip forceps n. A small forceps with a spring catch to hold a bleeding vessel.

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    noun 1. Slang. a business, especially a place of entertainment, that makes a practice of overcharging or cheating customers. 2. Masonry. a mortar joint made higher than usual in order to level the course above. noun 1. (slang) a place, such as a nightclub or restaurant, in which customers are overcharged noun phrase

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    [klip-on, -awn] /ˈklɪpˌɒn, -ˌɔn/ adjective 1. designed to be clipped on easily, especially by a self-attached clip: a clip-on bow tie. noun 2. a clip-on device, ornament, or the like. adj. 1909, from clip (v.2) + on.

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